You Sexy Whore!
Episode Guide

Season Two
Garage Sale
The Forman's have a garage sale and Hyde makes special brownies despite what Eric said. Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge eat the last batch that Hyde forgot in the oven and get stoned. Red sells the Vista Cruiser while stoned and Eric makes him get it back. Fez makes a move on Jackie.
Red's Last Day
It's Red's last day of work so he gets drunk at a bar. They call Kitty to come and pick him up but she tells Eric to pick him up but Red gets Eric, Hyde and Fes drunk. Kelso gets a van and he has sex with Laurie in the back.
The Velvet Rope
Red goes job hunting; Jackie gets Kelso to dress in drag. Donna, Fes, Hyde and Eric go to a club and Eric is the only one who can't get in.
Laurie and the Professor
Donna's parents compete for her love. Eric catches Laurie making out with her college professor in the garage. Fes wants a hickey. Hyde looks for a room to sleep in.
The gang revisits their old grammar school and they find their permanent records. Fes discovers trick or treating.
Eric, Donna, Kelso, Hyde and Fez are all going to Vanstock, Wisconsin's own Woodstock. Jackie says she doesn't want to go, so Kelso invites Laurie. In the end, both girls go leaving Kelso stuck in the middle. Donna gets mad at Eric for not telling her about Kelso and Jackie. Fez spends the night girl chatting to Jackie and Laurie, much to Kelso's chagrin while Hyde attempts drop him in it. Red becomes addicted to soaps.
I Love Cake
Eric freaks out when Donna says I love you, all he can say is I love cake. Bob stays with the Forman's when Midge kicks him out. The gang makes fun of Kelso when he gets a new leather jacket; they think he looks like "the Fonz".
Eric is a bit disappointed when Donna spends the night and all they do is cuddle. Hyde gets a job.
Eric Gets Suspended
Eric gets suspended from school when he's caught holding one of Donna's cigarettes. Hyde and Fes go on a double date. Kelso and Jackie are having relationship problems, again.
Red's Birthday
It's Red's birthday and the roof collapses so Eric gets him some 2-4's to fix it. Bob and Midge take Red and Kitty out for dinner but they each bring a date and ditch them to do it in the car. Eric is mad at Donna for talking to Hyde about her parent's problems instead of with him.
Laurie Moves Out
Laurie moves out and Red is pissed off when he finds out she moved in with a guy instead of with a girlfriend like she told him. She then moves back in when the guy goes back to his wife. Jackie suspects Kelso of being unfaithful.
Eric's Stash
Eric suspects Hyde of taking his secret stash of money. It turns Red took it because he was a little short for a new hot water heater. Fes and Kelso help Jackie prepare for a beauty pageant.
Red and Bob take Eric and the guys hunting while Kitty and Midge stay at home and play poker with the girls.
Red's New Job
Eric gets a job at Price Mart as a cashier while Red gets one as a supervisor. Kelso tries to break up with Laurie because she wants a real relationship but Laurie threatens to tell Jackie about her and Kelso.
Burning Down the House
Kelso accidentally sets a fire in Jackie's house during a party. Bob reveals that he wears a toupee.
The First Time
Bob and Midge renew their wedding vows and they get Donna to write them but they don't give her much to work with. Eric and Donna take their relationship to the next level.
Eric is embarrassed when he finds out he wasn't good in bed so he and Donna try again and this is a bit better, according to Donna. Red buys a motorcycle.
Kitty and Eric's Night Out
Eric goes out with his mom to the movies and is embarrassed at first but ends up having a good time. Fes gets a girlfriend and Hyde can't believe that she went from him to Fes and Jackie is jealous because she likes Fes.
Parents Find Out
Eric and Donna are caught having sex in the Vista Cruiser by the police. They bring them to the Forman's home. Red tells Donna that as an adult she should tell her parents and if she doesn't he will. Kitty has a nervous breakdown when she finds out that Eric and Donna are having sex. Fes, Hyde and Kelso try to pick up women on Kelso's CB radio.
Kiss of Death
Jackie breaks up with Kelso when she catches him making out with Laurie, Eric accidentally runs over Donna's cat and Fez has to have emergency surgery.
Kelso's Serenade
Kelso tries to win Jackie back by writing her a song but she's putting the moves on Hyde and Donna thinks that Eric is taking her for granted.
Jackie Moves On
Fez asks Jackie out and they go to an expensive restaurant but all she does is stuff her face and talk about Kelso. Red is angry at Kitty because she hocked a necklace that Red's mother had given her. Eric and Laurie try to out insult each other and Eric wins when he tells Fez and Hyde that Laurie was born with a tail.
Holy Crap!
When Eric and Laurie decide not to go to church anymore Kitty brings the church to them to try and change their minds. Kelso and Fez try growing beards.
Red Fired Up
Eric and Red bond at work until Red has to fire the employee they both enjoy making fun of, Kelso starts dating Laurie.
Cat Fight Club
Hyde teaches Jackie the art of being Zen, Red finds out about Kelso and Laurie and scares the hell out Kelso.
Moon Over Point Place
Eric hates it when he finds a picture of Donna mooning the camera in the yearbook, Fes thinks the white man is keeping him down when he can't find one of himself in there and Jackie has a thing for Hyde but he tells her it won't happen because there different but she tries to show him that she can be bad too by buying a bag of pot but a cop comes by and Hyde takes the rap for the pot.


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