You Sexy Whore!
Episode Guide

Season One
The '70s Pilot
Red gives Eric the keys to the Vista Cruiser and tells him he can go anywhere but out of town. They go out of town anyway so they can go see a concert in Milwaukee. The battery dies however and they need to get a new one but since they have no money they have to give up two tickets. They give up Kelso and Jackie's tickets.
Eric's Birthday
It's Eric's birthday and his parents throw him a party against his will.
President Ford comes to town and Eric and his friend's plan to streak at the rally. They all chicken out except Eric.
Battle of the Sexists
Eric doesn't feel like a man when he loses a game of basketball to Donna. Red seems to want to fix everything that doesn't need fixing.
Eric's Burger Job
Eric gets a job at Fatso Burger; Donna's parents go to a Playboy club and leave her to baby-sit her little sister. Her parents come home early and ruin what might have been an intimate evening between Eric and Donna.
The Keg
When Eric skips school he finds a keg in the middle of the road. He plans to have a party and charge two bucks a head to get in. Problems arise however when he doesn't have a beer tap and his father manages to find out about the party and shows up with cops.
That Disco Episode
The kids decide to go to a disco but Steven doesn't know how to dance so Mrs. Forman teaches him to dance. Mr. Pinciotti walks in on them in a compromising position and believes they're having an affair. Kelso gets jealous of Fes because he thinks he's putting the moves on Jackie.
Eric and Donna go to the drive-in. Eric doesn't want Kelso and Jackie to go because they'd be competition but Donna invites them anyway. Fes's house parents think he's listening to the devil's music(a copy of Kiss's Destroyer album). Red and Kitty spend the evening out and almost get arrested.
Laurie comes home for Thanksgiving with a friend. Eric and her friend make out and he can't help but tell Donna. When he tells her she's furious but apparently forgives him. Also Kitty is annoyed by Red's mother who won't stop calling her and then decides not to come for Thanksgiving dinner.
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Red's mother spends a Sunday with them and drives everyone crazy, except Fes. She seems to have a certain fondness for him.
Eric's Buddy
Eric has a new friend and Stephen and Kelso can't stand it. Stephen doesn't like him because he's rich and Eric doesn't give him a ride home anymore because Buddy has a Trans Am. Kelso on the other hand seems like a worried spouse. Eric starts to feels uncomfortable around him however when Buddy makes a move on him. Buddy apparently thought that Eric was also gay. Also Red makes his first sale.
The Best Christmas Ever
Red gives Eric 40 bucks to buy a Christmas tree and says that he can keep the change for his party. So Eric, Hyde and Kelso cut down a tree off the interstate and keep the money. They spend the money on beer and Kelso buys Jackie a Christmas present. Laurie spikes the punch with rum and Jackie's friend's are all attracted to Fes all of a sudden. Red has to work on Christmas Eve and not long after he gets home cops show up at his door telling him that his Christmas tree was illegally obtained and that they have to confiscate it. Also Hyde has a thing for Donna.
Ski Trip
The gang is going to Jackie's ski cabin for the weekend. But when Jackie finds out that Kelso has made out with Pam Macy behind the gym, so she dumps him. However they still go to the cabin minus Kelso and all Jackie can do is cry because she misses Kelso. Kelso gets a ride with a trucker who has a crush on him. Fes drinks a whole bottle of Amaretto and runs outside in his underwear. Hyde hits on Donna again and Kitty is mad at Red for kissing Lynn Taylor 20 years ago at the movies.
Stolen Car
When Eric scratches the car, Red suspends his driving privileges. So the gang has to walk everywhere. That is until Kelso's cousin lends him a car. They get arrested though because the car was reported stolen. With one phone call Kelso calls Jackie and she tells him that she'll have sex with him once he gets out of prison. The whole incident was a mix-up and the gang is released.
That Wrestling Show
Kitty thinks that it would be a good idea if Red and Eric become friends. So Red, Eric, Bob and the rest of the gang go to Kenosha to attend a wrestling event and end up having a great time together. Midge goes to see a shrink who's obsessed with sex, which leads Bob to seek help from Fes and Hyde.
The First Date
Eric and Donna have their first date and Hyde shows up to tell Donna how he feels about her but she's drunk. She had ordered an ice tea but they brought her a Long Island ice tea instead. Red and Kitty discover they don't have that much in common with Bob and Midge anymore. Kelso and Jackie do it again.
The Pill
Jackie thinks she might be pregnant, when Kelso finds out he passes out. When Midge finds out she puts Donna on the pill. Bob doesn't know Donna's on the pill until he picks them up at the pharmacy, while Eric is there. Jackie ends up not being pregnant which makes Kelso the happiest guy in the world. She also stuns everyone when she breaks up with Kelso.
The Career Day
It's career day and the gang must spend the day working with their parents. Fes spends it working with Hyde and his mom, the cafeteria lady. Red finally finds one of Eric's friends he likes, Jackie.
Prom Night
It's prom night and Eric gets a motel room but the mood is ruined because of kids howling outside. Hyde takes Jackie out of pity because Kelso went with Pam Macy and Fes hits on his English teacher. Midge wants to start her own greeting card company.
A New Hope
The guys go see Star Wars and Kelso can't get over it. He even says no to sex with Jackie because he rather see Star Wars again. An old rival of Eric's shows up and hits on Donna and Eric kicks his ass. Kelso makes out with Laurie. Red gets his job back but Eric finds out that the factory will be destroyed soon.
Water Tower
The guys paint a pot leaf on the water tower and Kelso falls off trying to fix it because everyone thinks it looks like the finger. Instead of going to the hospital they go to Eric's cause his mom's a nurse. When Eric goes to get her he walks in on his parents having sex. Having trouble sleeping and not being able to look his parents in the eyes leads his parents to believe he's on drugs.
Punk Chick
Hyde meets a girl who's the female version him. She tries to convince him to go to New York with her but he decides that it would be best if he stayed behind. Kelso and Red make smaller paddle for Pong. Fes feels left out of everything. Jackie tries to bake a cake for home economics project, but she ruins it everytime.
Grandma's Dead
While driving grandma home Eric tells her why he doesn't like it when she visits. She doesn't take too kindly to this because she drops dead. Also Eric gets in a bar fight. We meet Red's effeminate brother Marty.
Hyde Moves In
The gang goes skinny-dipping and Jackie gets sick. Hyde moves in with the Forman's when his mom runs away with a trucker. Bob takes a liking to one of Midge's feminist's friends.
The Good Son
Eric loves having Hyde as a "brother" because he does all of Eric's chores but when his parents start to prefer Hyde he starts to hate him. Hyde changes from the conspiracy minded trouble-making guy Eric loves to a total bore. Midge and Bob are having relationship problems. Red's old war buddy comes back and Red finds out that he's a swinger.
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