You Sexy Whore!

Don't Mess with Wrestlers
In one episode of That 70's Show! Red, Eric and the gang go to see a WWF wrestling match. However, the Wrestling Leagues weren't united as the WWF until much later and at the time that the episode was supposed to be, they were divided up into regions.
Wrong Choice of Words
In one episode, the guys are given an 'adult' film to watch. They don't know what it is so the one guy unrolls a few feet and holds the film up to the light. He announces that it's a 'porno' film. The word 'porno' wasn't used in the 70's. The film would have been called a 'stag' film or maybe a skin flick.
Literal Slip-up
The Christmas episode where they steal a tree so they can buy beer. When the stupid guy runs over to the girl and tries to hurdle the couch, he falls. That wasn't supposed to happen, but it was so funny, they left it.
Watch the episode where the guy is playing the Game of Life with his stoner boss at the fotomat. They were playing the updated version that was released in the early 90,s. They should have been playing the older version.
Background Set
In the beginning of the episode, when Eric is standing on a chair in his room to get Fez a blanket, the top of the set can be seen at the top of the screen. It's a black square with some lights.
Wrong Season
This is about the show where the Formans try to outdo their neighbors at a Veteran's Day barbeque.
Veteran's Day is November 11th. The show is supposed to take place in Wisconsin. If you view this episode, you will see that Michael is wearing a short sleeve summer shirt, women are wearing light summer dresses, and the trees have their leaves. On November 11th it is cold in most parts of the country, especially, I would think, in Wisconsin, and the people would be dressed quite differently!
In an episode from the second season (I can't recall it well) Eric is wearing a t-shirt, a very dirty one, but if you look closely you can see that its a Guess brand and that brand did not exist until 1982
The Original Wuss
In an episode from the second season (I can't recall it well) Eric is wearing a t-shirt, a very dirty one, but if you look closely you can see that its a Guess brand and that brand did not exist until 1982
In the beginning Hyde is trying to steal beer from the fridge and fes is supposed to keep lookout. When hyde brings the beer out of the fridge it's a six pack of millenium budweiser cans. Introduced in late 2000.
Snak Paks
Mrs. Foreman gives Hyde and Eric"snack-paks" from her bag of groceries. "Here, go have a snack pak." However, she hands them the snack paks we know today - the ones in the see-through plastic containers with peel-off lids. In the 70s, snack-paks only came as little pop-top cans, like Fancy Feast cat food.
Spider-Man bed sheets
In at least one episode, Eric and Donna are up in Eric's room and he has Spider-Man bed sheets on his bed. While there were spidey bedsheets in the 70's the ones shown on the show use the jagged lettered logo created in the mid-90's rather than the classic logo. Not many people would notice I guess, but I'm a spider-nut.
Hair Style
In one of the episodes (or maybe more) Donna's mother is wearing the 90's-2000 version of the shag haircut - to the shoulders and trimmed/combed toward the neck. In the 70's the "real shag" was in style - short on the sides, longer in the back - like the Brady mom.
In on episode, Donna is wearing a T-style chain necklace that has only recently become popular. Layered gold chains (several worn at one time) was the style in the 70s.
Future map of Canada
In the episode were Eric and the gang go up to Canada to get beer but get busted because Fez looses his green card, notice a fairly large Canadian map on one of the office walls. look closely and you'll see the Province of Nunavut (located in the North-east of Canada, in the eastern side of the former North West Territories,and to the left of Greenland) Any way Nunavut was just deemed a province a couple of years ago, so this new map couldn't have existed in the 1970's. Therefore someone did a lazy job in getting the correct map for the time period of the show.
Oh Canada! mess up
when everyone goes to Canada to get beer you may notice that they all sing " Oh Canada" what not many people noticed is that they sang the "wrong" lyrics. In 1981 the lyrics to the nation Anthem were changed....since they are in the 70's this could not be possible!
How Cheesy
in the veterans day episode, michael (played by ashton kutcher) is biting a white piece of pre - wrapped cheese in the shape of a star and making a cirle for his eye, (this piece of cheese was clearly white!) when he holds it up to his eye the cheese is suddenly yellow!
Fez Falling Off the Roof
Watch the Halloween episode of That 70s Show! Watch carefully when Eric hangs on to the gutter. Then watch Fez "fall" off the roof. I believe Eric is laying down on the floor grabbing the gutter with the "ground" up on a wall behind him. The camera angle looks like they are looking down. Then, Fez falls and he just walking backwards...then *boom* he hits the "ground" aka wall and isn't even leaning all the way up against it!
When Jackie is talking to Donna about her dream of being a model Donna is reading a magazine. That magazine has a very up to date cover, which was not out in the 70s.
Lip Smacker Slip
In the episode where the gang goes to Van-stock, Fez goes snooping in Jackie's makeup case. When he starts mentioning all the things she does for Kelso, he pulls out a sparkle Lip smacker. This isn't accurate because the sparkle lip smacker was only created in the late 1990s, not in the 1970s. I know this because I have that exact lip smacker in my makeup case!
Oh No! BETA!
In the episode where the gang goes to Canada for their precious brew, Red brings home a BETA-MAX video player and suggests that they tape 'Roots'. Reluctantly, Kitty agrees. After its done recording, Red goes to push play and realizes he never put the tape in the BETA-MAX. Kitty, in the background holds up a tape and says something to the likes of, 'You mean, this tape?' If you look at it, you can plainly see she's holding a comparably tiny VHS tape and not a monolithic sized BETA-MAX.
Map of Canada
In the episode where Eric and his friends go to Canada to get beer they get stopped by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). When the RCMP are asking the guys some questions, you will notice a map of Canada. You will notice the 10 provinces and 3 territories. The third territory wasn't added until 1996, so if the show was set in the 70's there would not be a third territory.